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    To build a Christian Community requires a good deal of effort and vision, and there is no shortage of the same among the members of St. Mary’s Church. Those serving on leadership councils work to make our parish thrive. Others teach, train, or serve at the liturgy, while still others reach out to the disenfranchised.  Our parish is very active with many opportunities for spiritual growth and social justice activity. Many volunteer... read more
  • St. Mary School

    St. Mary's School is dedicated to educating the whole child by expanding their faith and enriching them academically.St. Mary’s parish school is a Catholic community that fosters and enriches the faith life of its students and provides a quality academic education.  In partnership with parents, guardians, educators, and the whole parish community, our school fosters the spiritual, intellectual and social development of our students.
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  • News & Needs

    • July 13
      San Jose Water begins work on Bean Ave July 14th.
    • June 22
      This is an education campaign put together annually by Sacred Heart Community Service begins July 8th and goes through July 23rd. 3,300 kids are signed up to receive backpacks
    • June 22
      St. Mary’s has been granted exclusive access to stream an episode from CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players. CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players is a multi-part film series that delves into the lives of figures who shaped the Church and changed the world. View the free hour-long film on St. Francis of Assisi
    • June 21
      A trip to shopper's heaven in Ottovalo to buy handicrafts for the Ecuador Soup supper!
    • June 21
      Today we visited three of the homes of families from the center. It was an emotional day to say the least. We went with the boys from Fordham Prep and were happy they were there to interpret for us.
    • June 20
      Today we began the day with our orientation with Padre Juan and Madre Miguel and Judie who is Madres sister. They made us feel part of the "family".
    • June 19
      Today we did our minga. For our group we joined with a group from Fordham Prepatory - a high school from New York. We took the public bus to the Church of the Assumption walking just two short blocks from the bus stop.
    • June 17
      Today was our first full day in Quito. We had the day to ourselves so we, as a group, decided to go to the "Museo Intinan" and Mitad Del Mundo.
  • Make Your Mark ...

    and Buy A BrickSupport St. Mary's Los Gatos Building Projects and Buy A Brick

    All gifts to the Make Your Mark Program will be directed to the school buildings or parish improvements. With your help, needed upgrades for the grammar school and church can happen!